The two Kumudu Villas were build to create the perfect waterski vacation spot. Placed directly at wind protected tropical lagoon, they offer space for up to 8 skiers.
The private area is connected to the Kumudu hotel. If you close the door, you have your own private ground. If you open it, you have access to the hotel room services and restaurant.




This is the view you get from the first villas terrace. The jetty is for the villa guests only and is the place to start your waterski sets.
Also, you have four stand up paddle boards available to explore the djungle or to visit the nearby Suriya hotel for a drink.

Enjoy the 15 wide pool with its jakuzzi like underwater lounge sofa after your set. you can even see the full slalom course from one end of the pool and watch your ski buddies.

Both villas are fully equipped with a small kitchen, sofas, flat screen TVs and  a dedicated line with high speed internet access.

Both villas have foldable glas doors and open completely towards the pool and lagoon. Skiers and friends spend most of their time on the terrace.


The lagoon is just wide enough for a slalom course. This guarantees perfectly flat water and spectacular photos.



The former german vice slalom champion Holger Brümmer runs his ski school adjacent to the villa. You can arrange your ski sets with him.

The tea house is the most popular place of the villa area. It offers a spectacular view to the lagoon with the full slalom course on the left side and to lagoon, beach and the sea on the right side.

The villas offer a spectular light design at nighttime. Also the the palm trees surrounding the villas are lit.

The concept of the twin villas is to offer skiers perfect training conditions and an attractive place to stay at the same time. This is interesting for skiers who have a partner who is not that interesten in Waterskiing or does not ski at all. Skiers know that most of the time spent is recovering between sets and driving back and forth from the hotel to the ski lake. This is often cumbersome for non skiing partners and kids and prevent a waterski vacation.
This is different in Sri Lanka. There is no more driving around and the place with the tea house and paddle boards offers an attractive vacation for everybody. Also, with the two villas you can invite even non skiing friends or family.
Another way the villas are beeing used often is by groups of skiers or clinics.
You can askup to eight ski buddies to join for the ultimate waterski vacation.

More information can be found on the home page of the Kumudu villas.