Ski on an ideal lake with professional coaching and take a rest at the beautiful sand beach.

The waterski club of Sperlonga is located five minutes away from the small medieval fisher village of Sperlonga, about an one-hour-drive from Rome or Naples. Sperlonga is a beautiful village with picturesque small streets and houses. It stretches from the beach to the village center about a 100 meters above sea level. The scenic view from there is breathtaking.
downtownTourism seems to be less developed in the region and most of the places you will see and visit are “the real Italian thing”. Miles of sand beaches stretch around Sperlonga and make the place an optimal vacation & vacation site. In the likely case that you will reside in a hotel at the beach, don’t miss the opportunity to dine in one of the little restaurants in the upper historic part of the village.

Unfortunately we have to say that the hotels we have visited in Sperlonga were not really special. Although we have visited quite a few, we can’t recommend any of them to you. Maybe the situation has changed in the meantime and you will find a pleasant hotel for an acceptable price in the future. Tell us then!


The club:

Unfortunately, the first impression you get upon arrival at the school is not very positive. All you can see is a restaurant that was closed some years ago and that has been slowly degrading ever since. You then descend a staircase to the schooldock located directly underneath the restaurant. The view opens and you have a full overview of the freshwater lake that is exclusively used for waterskiing. Here, the waterski team is in charge and the first impression changes.

club house and the dockAlthough we visited the club at the end of the season, everything was in good shape and the team was motivated. The club is equipped with changing rooms, a ski storage room, some tables with chairs and a “table soccer” game that seems to be the second favorite discipline after waterskiing and the staff seems to be unbeatable.
One has to say that the club location is not an ideal place to stay all day. The space is limited and not extraordinary nice. Especially if you realize that you are only 5 minutes from the picturesque Sperlonga with its scenic view and the beautiful sand beaches away. It is thus not astonishing that many skiers come for their skiing and leave soon afterwards to spend their time at the beach.


The freshwater lake is 800*400 meters wide and almost ideal for skiing. There are two slalom courses placed on each side just for the rare case that the wind picks up. The surrounding of the lake is fully planted and there are no backwash problems at all. The fact that the national Italian Waterski team uses the lake for training says it all.

I especially liked the professional attitude of the coaches. The teachers do not just let you ski but they take all the time to correct you after every single pass if you want to. The biggest plus for the club is the experience of the coaches and their ability and will to transfer their competence to the skier.
In my opinion it is a common problem in many waterski clubs that everybody teaches everybody. We all, including myself, are able to tell friends to bring their hips forward or not to rush the turn. But you rarely find a coach who has the ability to find and correct the problem that actually creates the bad body position.
You can only develop a set of strategies that can be applied to various types of skiers if you have been teaching for quite a while with real interest in skiing. One of the rare places where you can find such advice is Sperlonga!


Slalom course Yes
Boat timing Perfect pass
Boat Correct craft 98
Contact name laghetto@hotmail.com
Telephone Italy / 0771 / 549655

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