What is your waterski story?

Many recreational skiers share a similar story. They get addicted quickly and learn skiing from their family and ski-buddies. Nobody thinks of going to a ski school at this level. Over the years they get better but sooner or later the progress stops. No matter how hard they try and how much they ski, they don’t get better. That is the point at which many think of going to a professional waterski coach or school.
I then heard about Seth Stisher’s video coaching and was fascinated. With video and the internet it is possible to get professional advice wherever you ski on the planet. So I decided to give it a try and got in touch with pro skier and coach Seth Stisher. Later I sent my first waterski video to Seth by email:

From: Ulf Unbehaun
Seth Stisher
Subject: Video analysis of my waterski-Slalom set
Hello Seth,

here is my waterski video. I skied the course at 55kmh/33mph with a line length of 16m/22 off on a 66inch A1 ski from HO.
Personally, I believe that my biggest problem is that my ski shoots in front of me after the wake on my approach to 1,3,5. From there, I am skiing on the back of my ski instead of getting forward and stand perpendicular and balanced before I initiate the turn in. So I am rather falling backwards into the turn instead of carving with the full edge. What I am trying to do at the moment is to get my body mass forward after the edge change but this isn’t really working.
I look forward to hear your opinion 🙂

Best regards,


From: Seth Stisher
Ulf Unbehaun
Subject: Re: Video analysis of my waterski-Slalom set

I took a look at your videos and I think I have some good thoughts for you, however I want to put together a video that exceeds what I am currently doing which will take some time this weekend, so can you hold off until Monday nd let me shoot some video and do some editing.

Seth Stisher

I like the way he has answered my question. It is almost like having a coach in the boat. But what is even more important is that he has picked the most important problem I should concentrate on first. In all these years of travelling the world waterskiing I have learned that many coaches are enthusiastic about giving you advice but often they don’t pinpoint the actual problem you should work on first. Especially if you are skiing on your own, working on the right problem could save you months or even years of practice.

I spent the rest of the season practicing the “hip movement” and I think it has helped. I am still having a hard time doing it on the slalom course but I feel that it pays off when free skiing.

Continuous video coaching.

I do believe that video coaching can make a big difference to coaching in itself and to the way you learn skiing. It is obviously better to have a coach in the boat but if I had to choose, I would prefer to be video coached throughout the season rather than having a one time ski week in a school. However one of the down sides of video coaching is having to overcome your self pride. After having sent my first video I was reluctant to send the next one because I hadn’T progressed as fast as I had wanted to and was too embarrassed to send another video.
Seth and I mulled over this problem and he came up with the solution of offering a video coaching series. A waterskier who signs up will receive a package deal for the whole season. This makes it more like having your own personal waterski trainer you can consult the whole time.

Who should sign up?

This depends on where you ski and who you ski with. If you only ski with your ski buddies and they do not know much more than you it definitely makes sense right away. As far as your skiing level is concerned, I think it doesn’t really matter. I would say that you should master the monostart and be comfortable skiing on one ski. The earlier you start getting coached, the easier it will be for you and your coach to correct the errors and get you to the next level.

“Seth’s personal waterski video training Series”

Sign up for Seth’s new personal training programme to massively improve your skiing in 2011. Throughout the waterski season, you will stay in touch with Seth through videos, emails and telephone calls. As your private ski coach, Seth will constantly analyse your passes and answer questions to improve your skiing. This ongoing analysis will ensure that you stick to a charted plan and that Seth remains a part of helping you constantly improve your skiing.

* Up to 3 videos with indepth analysis! Seth will take a look at your videos of a full slalom set and give you an edited version of the video complete with audio voice over, freeze frame analysis, and dry land coaching.
* Up to 5 videos with email analysis! Seth will take a look at your videos of a full slalom set and coach you via email.
* Email coaching Seth will exchange emails with you to acknowledge the points you are becoming more proficient in and to discuss the points you need to continue working on.
* Pricing Package deal for the season 2011: US$ 350
* Availability Only 10 spaces available.






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Seth is offering 10 spaces in 2011. If you are interested, get in touch with Seth or me. If you are interested in the idea of video coaching, we invite you to stay in touch with us via Facebook. I will be the first “series” customer and we will publish all of our email conversations and the videos here on Follow on Facebook and we will keep you updated::


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